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Scholarly Communication in General

Scholarly Communication: From Understanding to Engagement

ACRL is extending the reach of this popular workshop, led by two expert presenters at locations across the country. The content is updated annually to meet the evolving needs of the community. Bring this one-day workshop, at full cost, to your campus, chapter, or consortia year round. Additionally, since 2009 ACRL has offered a subsidy on a competitive basis for five hosts each year. We encourage librarians to make use of these materials to enhance their own knowledge or adapt them to offer related workshops on their own campuses. Presentations:

For additional workshop materials, see handouts and videos.

Roadmap to Success: Scholarly Communications at Wayne State University.
Suzan Alteri, Jonathan McGlone.
Presentation given on May 26, 2011 at 2011 e-Cornucopia Conference.

We're Not an ARL Library...why should we bother with scholarly communication initiatives?
Georgie Donovan, Teresa Fishel, and Scott Mandernack.
ACRL Conference 2011. Philadelphia, PA. Apr. 2011.

Scholarly Communication: A System in Crisis.
Lee Van Orsdel.
From a NASIG annual conference program, Denver, Colorado, May 2006. An overview of the issues that are swirling around in the scholarly communications environment, including the evolving arenas of public policy, faculty advocacy, and open access agendas.

An Evolving Landscape: Addressing Access Issues in Academic and Research Publishing Today.
Richard Fyffe.
From the Research Institute at Marquette University on September 2008 focusing on key trends in access to academic publishing.

Institutional Compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy: Ensuring Deposit Rights From the Association of Research Libraries and the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges.
Find source ppt files and resrouces referenced during a webcast exploring the legal aspects of author rights management within the context of the Public Access Policy adopted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Institutions confront a key set of issues raised by the need to ensure that authors maintain the legal rights required to allow compliance with the new policy. A related Guide for Research Universities to the NIH policy is also available.


Digital Repositories

Scholarly Communication Services: Repository-based Library Publishing.
Adrian K. Ho.
Presentation given at an Ontario Library Association Preconference in Toronto, on Feb.2, 2011.

Enhancing Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Innovation through Hybrid Forms of Publication.
Nicholas Jankowski, Clifford Tatum, Zuotian Tatum and Andrea Scharnhorst.
Presentation given at PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2011.

Changing Scholarly Communications and the Role of an Institutional Repository in the Digital Landscape.
Marilyn S. Billings.
A presentation to the University of Maine faculty, librarians, and administration on scholarly communication with a focus on UMass's institutional repository.

At Your Service: Development of the DigitalCommons at CalPoly.
Marisa Ramirez.
A presentation on workflow, outreach and lessons learned given at the Institutional Repository Colloquium, October 2008 at California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo.



Developing Effective Scholarly Communication Advocates: A Case Study.
Sara Fuchs and Pamela Brannon.
A presentation highlighting the scholarly communication training and outreach program at Georgia State University.

The Liaison Role in Scholarly Communication.
Trish Rosseel and Lynne Woodruff.
From the British Columbia Research Libraries Group workshop on Scholarly Communication, June 2007 on developing effective faculty liaison relationships.



Are there any further

Are there any further half-day (or even full-day) events planned for Autumn/Winter 2009?

Future SC 101 workshops

ACRL's Scholarly Communication Committee is looking at if/how to offer again in the not too distant future, but there is nothing concrete to announce yet.

ACRL offers scholarly communication 101 road show again in 2010

ACRL is taking scholarly communication on the road again in 2010 with “Scholarly Communication 101: Starting with the Basics.” Recognizing that scholarly communication issues are central to the work of all academic librarians and all types of institutions, ACRL is pleased to offer this free half day workshop to libraries across the country. Led by two expert presenters, this structured interactive overview of the scholarly communication system highlights individual or institutional strategic planning and action. Four modules focus on new methods of scholarly publishing and communication, copyright and intellectual property, economics and open access.

The application will be available Tuesday, January 5, 2010, and institutions interested in hosting “Scholarly Communication 101″ should apply by Monday, February 8, 2010. Hosts must partner with, and invite staff from, at least one other institution. Complete details are on the ACRL Web site

Workshop Starting with the Basics (101)

University of Puerto Rico receive one of the summer workshop. It was a great experience for librarians from system wide campuses. We learned a lot. Facilitators (Joy Kirchner and Lee Van Orsdel) were great and clear.